Getting back on track.

After my incident, I had to take 2 months of rest before I could start running again. This time, I decided to do it the right way. A colleague of Laura’s, whom is also running, is guided by Luk B. and she advised me to contact him. He is a personal coach who works with the Sport Medical Training Centre in Ranst ( Antwerp ). I made an appointment with him to do an physical test in December. Meanwhile, I started running again. I bought myself a heartbeat sensor for my sport watch and took it slow in the beginning.

In September, I participated my next race. It was a 9km night run. This time, I made sure
I was well prepared. I finished the race in 55 min and 40 sec. I was so happy that
everything turned out well and it also gave me a little bit more confidence for
my physical test with Luk.

December the first, the time was finally here to go for my test. I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The moment I met Luk, he made me feel at ease. We talked about what happened during my first race and what are my goals for in the future. He also asked me a few questions which I had to give a score from a scale of 0 to 10. These questions came every time I was there for a testing to see how I was feeling. After, it was time for the most important part. I had to run some intervals on the treadmill. I noticed from the beginning that my heartbeat was pretty high. I was still nervous but as soon as I went on, I started to forget about them. At the last interval, I finished at a pace of 12,5 km/h. After my test, I took a shower while Luk was analysing the result. By the time I was done, he had finished the report. The result was not what I’ve hoped for…


For my physical condition, I scored 4/10 compared to the best runner of my age. I knew that I wouldn’t score 8/10 but 4/10 was a little shocking in my opinion. Luk explained to me how the score was calculated and he wants you to score at least 5/10 before you start running races. Since I wanted to run the Antwerp 10 miles in April 2016, I knew what I had to do. Together with my report, I have a training schedule for the first 12 weeks. If I could finish 80% of my training schedule, I should be able to make enough progress to run the race in April and my general score could progress to maximum 4,6/10.
The first thing I had to learn in my schedule was to run slow at a low heartbeat. At the
beginning, it was really frustrating as I had the feeling I wasn’t running. Luckily, I
noticed a difference after a few weeks. During my 12 weeks, I tried to complete my schedule as much as possible. The feeling was getting better and better. The schedule
has finished so it was time for another test with Luk. I was determined to do better than
last time. As soon as I got off the treadmill the feeling was much better than after my first
test. I was hoping that my score would be around 4,6/10 but the result was even much
better! This time I scored 5/10. Luk was really surprised by my result. 90% of the people
who followed the schedule needed 6 months to make the progress I’ve made.
It took me 3 months! This gave me a lot of courage to keep working hard towards the
Antwerp 10 miles in April. How I experienced this race you can find out in my next post!



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